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Like most, my journey to physical, mental and emotional stability was hard-earned and started young. As a child, I was dependent on an inhaler, always at the doctor, yet always sick. I remember many nights when my mother would try to help me fall asleep by gently rubbing my face during an asthma attack.

Then, at 17, my first ever OBGYN appointment my future was set on a course that I still deal with to this day. My first surgery. Ovarian cyst. Benign, thankfully, but the size and position warranted removal. Then two years later, absent of any specific diagnosis, another surgery. Same issue, different location.

My third and final surgery proved to be quite more encompassing. Still no diagnosis other than, ‘your body can’t get rid of cysts’ I had a more aggressive surgery to remove a large mass and my right ovary that had been crushed. The mass was a borderline cancerous tumor that had done damage to many organs. At this point, I was told cancer could still be in the cards, and I may not be able to have any more children.

I refused to believe this. Looking back, I remembered how sick I was as a child and how I slowly worked my way out of it, so I set myself on the path to giving my body the best chance to be as strong and healthy as possible. I asked for help, I committed myself to fitness and only allowed positive influences to surround me. Two months after this major surgery, I found out I was expecting our second…one girl, one boy…perfect.

To say things have been easy since then would be a lie. What I can say is that going through those experiences and having the outcomes I did set me on the path to always strive for that RELENTLESS mindset for my health.

….and not just my health. I grew up watching my Mom cry a lot. I grew up in fear of catching my dad on a wrong day. I grew up thinking I was never going to be enough. However, even then, as with my health, I knew this wasn’t how life should be. So I adapted to get through, and determined for the rest of my life I would only allow people in my inner circle that built me up, supported and loved me..for me. I choose not to blame anyone for my insecurities and low self-esteem but claim my position in the world as a unique intrinsically valuable human being.

So this is me. It’s a fight and a choice every day, but a fight and a choice I see as the only way to live. Join me. #RELENTLESS

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