1-on-1 Coaching

Mind + Body Mentor

Has your doctor said “You need to reduce your stress”.

Have well meaning friends said “You just need to learn to let things go”.

Do you desire to do more, be more, but you just don’t feel ‘in sync’ with yourself?

How One On One Mind/Body mentoring can help….

Life is busy. Children, work, family, relationships, injury, sickness…they keep us moving and before we know it months if not years have flown by and we have neglected our physical bodies to the point it becomes an emotional and mental roadblock.

Together we will work on finding habits you have created that are preventing you from the level of performance you desire. Perhaps there are things you are NOT doing that could be the key to your mind/body alignment that once you hear, you will implement and take off to the next level of performance.

You will learn:
  1. Self-treatment of any musculoskeletal pain patterns.
  2. Vagus Nerve Regulation
  3. Breathing Exercises for stress management
  4. How to manage psychoneuromuscular patterning
  5. How to stop negative self talk
  6. How to prioritize self care
  7. How to create an environment for healing
…..and much more!!

As your mind/body mentor Sandra will be your personal coach in navigating the craziness of life in a manner that creates a fully engaged, more vibrant YOU!

You will receive encouragement with a big side of accountability…are you ready to live the #RELENTLESS lifestyle?

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