Bridging the gap between the mind and body.

The Mind-Body Connection

Research is finally catching up with what ancient philosophers have known for centuries. We have the ability to ‘think’ ourselves sick and conversely ‘think’ ourselves into a thriving way of life regardless of circumstance. We also now understand that what we do, or don’t do, with our body has an amazing effect on the ability of our mind to function at it’s the highest capacity.

Sandra Weber

Mind + Body Mentor

Sandra Weber is a mind + body mentor empowering her clients to rebuild a mind/body connection.

Sandra has had over a decade of experience in hands on clinical bodywork and is now using that experience to assist her clients in reducing or preventing chronic pain through mind/body awareness.

Sandra owns and operates Integrative Bodywork By Sandra Weber in Charlotte, North Carolina. When she is not working with clients in the treatment room, she host trainings for corporate and private groups providing ACTIONABLE steps to rebuild the mind body connection . Elevating clients physical, mental and emotional well-being is the foundation of the #RELENTLESS mindset.

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The Disconnect

While we have the science now, and we see the connection, yet there is a great divide between accessing the power of a mind and body that is in sync. The neuroscientist isn’t available to break the research down into actionable steps for the everyday person to follow and the holistic-minded western medicine practitioner doesn’t have the time in their schedule to sit with patients and discover lifestyle influences that may be contributing to the chaos leading to pain and sickness.



Having spent over a decade working with clients in a hands-on therapeutic setting, Sandra is bringing her knowledge of the body to individuals, corporations and special groups to help them THRIVE!

In one-on-one coaching or group settings, you will learn how you may be sabotaging your desire to live a healthy lifestyle. She will work WITH you or your organization to help you create a map that leads you to a positive mindset that creates physical outcomes of perseverance and accomplishment.

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