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Business Coaching

Are you a holistic practitioner looking to grow your business? If you are a personal trainer, massage therapist, yoga practitioner, hypnotherapist, or ND… I can help you.

I have been licensed for over a decade. I intended to go on my own immediately, but unfortunately the timing wasn’t right. Having two children in private school, I decided to put that on hold and go work for a corporate organization to provide financially for my family. While working for a large corporation, I grew tired of missing holidays, weekends, and school functions with my children. I decided it was time to open a side practice, with the dream of one day being on my own.

I was up and running within 3 weeks of opening!

Now, I’m a successful solo massage therapist with a six-figure practice. I am now able to do what I love and have time to spend with my children, just like I’ve always wanted. This opportunity is available for you too! So many holistic practitioners are amazing at their modality, but lack the experience in curating the network to produce the referrals they need. Let’s work together and make this happen for you as well.

Book a strategy session with me and let me teach you the methods I used to fill my books to 100%. In this coaching session we will take a deep dive into your business. We will find out what is working (or not) in your physical space, marketing strategy, rebooking practices, client follow-up and personal growth to make you financially successful and provide long-term sustainability in the industry. Zoom and in-person availability.

Text 704-560-8977 for after hour and weekend strategy session availability.

You will learn:
  • During our strategy session you will:

    ?Learn who to network with to provide the quickest referral base

    ?Learn systems management for booking appointments

    ?Learn systems for managing follow-up appointments

    ?Learn how to engage with your social media followers

    ?How to better your social media presence

    ?Learn how to use Canva and how to use this new tool for engagement

…..and much more!!

As your business coach, Sandra will be your partner in navigating the craziness of life in a manner that creates a fully engaged, more vibrant YOU….the business owner!

You will receive encouragement with a big side of accountability…are you ready to


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